10 Year Anniversary of The Las Vegas Protocol - The Silver Bullet for Longlasting Lovemaking

10 years ago I ran across this funny document that had apparently originated from a speech on one of the many Pick-Up Artist community conferences held in Las Vegas back in 2009 that addressed the issue of guys struggling with a lack of ejaculatory control or seeking to achieve advanced skills in lovemaking. It quickly gained some viral popularity as The Las Vegas Protocol or Twelve-Step Protocol.

Looking like a kind of a silly joke, this piece might have actually helped thousands of men. Due to obvious reasons, I cannot think of any reliable method to evaluate their number.

The Las Vegas Protocol is being presented here in it’s anecdotal simplicity and brutal honesty and it is well known for it’s ability to produce consistent positive results in the most difficult cases. We have yet to hear from someone who had sported the courage to fullfill all the steps of the Protocol and did not achieve any substantial changes related to his issue in a matter of no more than 2-3 weeks.

However, being rather controversial to the established public opinion in certain points, it is not being acknowledged by either official medicine or media.

I put here the text of the Protocol here as it was presented then, for you to decide for yourself of it’s value:

The Ultimate Solution for the PE-problem and Longlasting Lovemaking and It’s Fun!

...I always looked somewhat older my age and girls did find me attractive. However, I struggled with Premature Ejaculation since I'd lost my virginity to my elder sister's friend being 17 y.o.
I couldn't sustain a relationship with any girl and I was already starting to feel quite desperate about it, until I turned for an advice to my friend, let's call him Jim. Jim is 5 years older than me and he seemed experienced enough in sex to ask for advice. To my surprise Jim wasn't empathetic, he went straight to giving me a recipe on how to deal with my problem.
The recipe he gave me is SO DEAD SIMPLE I really felt ashamed that I couldn't figure it out myself!
Here is Jim's recipe.
1. Get some Viagra pills. Yes, plain old Viagra, or (better) Cialis or any other erection pill. As long as you are like me and do not actually have an erection dysfunction, you will need a smallest or second to smallest dosage available.
2. Get a girl that will have sex with you ;) Masturbation practice can only help you to get better with masturbation; you REALLY have to practice real sex to be better with REAL SEX, that is what Jim said to me and I believed him.
3. Take a pill before sex and have sex as usual. It really doesn't matter if it takes you 5 or 50 seconds to come - DOES NOT MATTER.
4. Right after you come, you will discover that your wiener is ready to play again - because you are on Viagra! Have sex again.
5. It really doesn't matter if it takes you 5 or 50 seconds to come - DOES NOT MATTER.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are not physically able to come until you REALLY WORK YOUR WAY to orgasm!
7. Practice this way for several days (you can take breaks if you need to). You will be able to control your ejaculation in 3-5 sessions max. You won’t need pills any longer than until you gain some level of control over you own body AND emotions.
8. THEN and only THEN you can practice breathing deeply at the edge of an orgasm, and that seems to be just enough for the desired goal! Enjoy ;)
9. The longer you have enjoyable sex, the more powerful is the emotional and physiological discharge when you orgasm. This is the key to the advanced sexual practices, body regeneration/rejuvenating and powerful bonding.
10. If you find it difficult to find a girl for your practice, you can always find some girl that is less attractive than those you consider being in your own league - for that purpose. The pill will take care of your "passion" and you will find it easier to control yourself with an "affordable" girl. Just don't tell her this ;)
11. Never take an ED pill if you are on any Nitrate meds, have a heart related condition and never take them with grapefruit or it’s juice (very dangerous).
12. You will not be able to get a prescription Viagra without an erectile dysfunction. This leaves you on your own to decide where you might want to obtain your meds privately and securely, there are places on the Internet.

Please consider visiting our partner store that provides our fellow Brothers in Protocol with quality meds. We monitor their prices, policies and user reviews to make sure that you get the best service your money can buy.

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