Permanently upgrade your creative power in this guided 60-day Subjective Reality deep dive.

Submersion is a 60-day guided audio course that's being recorded and published throughout December 2018 and January 2019. Watch this video (or listen to the audio version) to learn all about it. Key details are shared in the first 8 minutes.

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Key Details

60 days of audio lessons

Every day for 60 days in a row, you'll have a compact audio lesson (about 15-30 minutes) to guide you through the practice and exploration of Subjective Reality. All lessons are personally recorded by Steve.

You can stream and/or download every lesson

You get every audio lesson in streamable and downloadable forms. Go at whatever pacing works for you since the deep dive is entirely self-paced. Listen to the lessons whenever and wherever you want, such as while commuting or going for a walk. This will accommodate any schedule.

A caring, intimate, and introverted experience

Submersion has a caring, intimate, and introverted style. Each lesson is an invitation to ponder and test alternative ways of framing reality. This is a deeply introverted experience that focuses on you and your own hero's journey. The purpose is to help you practice and explore the Subjective Reality perspective every day, so you can integrate its power into your daily life. With 60 days of deliberate practice, you'll connect the dots in ways you've never done before.

Thorough and comprehensive

Day by day for two full months, we'll reconstruct the mental models and frames you use to make decisions, communicate with others, and make your way in the world. You'll see which frames have been holding you back, and you'll gain plenty of practice with more empowering frames that can help you express your true self.

A co-creative experience

Instead of creating all of the lessons in advance, they're being created and published in small batches as we go. As you listen to the lessons, I invite you to send me feedback and questions along the way. I use the feedback from participants to inform the design of upcoming lessons, while also allowing room for synchronicity and inspiration. So this deep dive's co-creative design give you the opportunity to sculpt its direction as we go.

Accessible pricing โ€“ $297

It's one price all-in. There aren't any tiers, scholarships, or refunds. This is priced to be an easy yes for those who wish to participate. Be sure you understand the honor code for this program,ย which is explained starting at 53:12 in the video above.

Key Topics

Here are some of the topics we'll cover during our 60 days together:

  • Healing trust wounds
  • Overcoming shame and guilt
  • Why you only perceive one consciousness
  • Holes in the objective model of reality
  • Subjective conversations
  • Playfulness
  • Upgrading your relationship with reality
  • Humanizing reality
  • Ways to model reality
  • Aging and death
  • Summon inspiration
  • Overcoming partial matches
  • Listening to reality
  • Why the truth nature of reality is knowable
  • Your best thinking
  • Training up your consciousness
  • Building courage
  • Changing beliefs
  • Manifesting and the Law of Attraction
  • Communicating with your simulator
  • Reprogramming reality
  • Your hero's journey
  • Sculpting your character
  • Making aligned decisions
  • And lots more...

So this is indeed the ultimate Subjective Reality deep dive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Powerful Intentions

Here's an additional (and optional) intention experiment that you can do while enjoying this Subjective Reality deep dive:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite the creation of a trusting, empowering, and aligned relationship with this reality โ€“ and the fullest expression of my creative abilities.

I'm holding this intention with you, so let's co-create some major alignment mojo for the whole group.

Bonus Gifts

I'm sharing many extra gifts to further help you with your Subjective Reality exploration. Some of these are free resources available elsewhere, and some are being created just for this deep dive. I've assembled them into one convenient collection for you.

Subjective Reality Questions (PDF)

Use this collection of stimulating Subjective Reality questions for journaling, personal inquiry, or discussing with others.

The Explorer's Guide to Manifesting (PDF)

If you're into the Law of Attraction, I think you'll love this guidebook for getting stronger and faster results. It includes 16 of my very best manifesting tips gained from years of experimenting.

Subjective Reality Breakthroughs (Video)

Here's another 3-part video series to show you how to use the subjective reality perspective for social, abundance, and creativity breakthroughs.

Extraordinary Gratitude (PDF)

Here's my special guide to up-leveling your appreciation and gratitude, so you can create a more flowing and abundant lifestyle. This one will stretch you to think differently.

Your Spirit Is Strong (Music)

Enjoy 5 minutes of my own positive affirmations set to music to help you feel strong whenever you need a quick alignment boost. Stream it online, or download a copy to keep.

Submersion Playlists (Audio)

These convenient sublists of the 60 Submersion lessons will enable you to do mini deep dives focusing on specific areas.

Session Transcripts (PDF)

All 60 Submersion lessons now include full text transcripts, so you can review them in text form whenever you like.

Guided Walkthroughs (Audio) - Coming Soon

These guided audios will walk you through applying the Submersion tools to practical scenarios like making a heart-aligned decision or solving a tricky problem.

Walkthrough Transcripts (PDF) - Coming Soon

You'll get the full written transcripts of all Guided Walkthroughs too, giving you extra flexibility.

Submersion Summary Guide (PDF) โ€“ Coming Soon

This guide condenses Submersion's main ideas, tools, and practices into an easy-to-use guidebook. Use it as a convenient refresher whenever you like.

Subjective Stories (Video) - Coming Soon

By popular request this deep dive will include several new videos of Steve's personal stories on getting results with Subjective Reality, recorded exclusively for this program.

Subjective Reality Explorer's Guide (PDF) - Coming Soon

Enjoy this handy collection of Subjective Reality tools and experiments with extra tips and variations. For ease of use, it's sorted into beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises.

The first five gift items listed above are already in the portal, so you'll get access to them as soon as you join. The remainder will be added as they're completed in 2019. The lesson transcripts are currently in progress with many of them already published.

This experience is unlike anything you've done before. Imagine 60 days of immersion in Subjective Reality with easy-to-digest, bite-sized lessons. In just 60 days from today, you'll be a changed person with a powerful new grasp on your creative abilities.

Make your next 60 days an awesome period of growth, trust, leveling up, and alignment.

Click the "Join Submersion" button, sign up for the deep dive, and permanently upgrade your relationship with reality.

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With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina